For the love of ART

This is a blog of random shit from politics to polyamory and everything in between. Sit back and relax, if you can because my brain is pretty fucked up!

So I was talking to this guy last night and despite the fact that I told him my name he kept referring to me as “pretty”. So I told him again “My name is Brean” and he said “I cant call you pretty” (pretty used as a pet name, like baby, honey etc) I told him no, saying calling me pretty is stripping me of my identity, overlooking the fact that I am clever, smart, and extremely hilarious (at least I think so) and he was like “Well until you demonstrate that all I have to go on is that you are pretty”, UM NOOOO YOU CAN CALL ME MY FUCKING NAME! 

What pisses me off is that he didn’t get it and after asking him not to call me out of my name he did not respect my request. Brea’n IT’S NOT THAT FUCKING HARD!


"man you should really check out this band called muse"

"oh yea what genre of music do they make"


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